Lamaze weekend boot camp


We know the busy demands on everyone’s time.  Sometimes a 5 week series just won’t work for you.  Maybe it’s too close to your due date to complete it? Maybe you or your partner has a work schedule that keeps you tied up on Friday nights?  If so, never fear, we’ve got you covered!

Introducing our Weekend Lamaze Bootcamp!  This intensive class runs from Friday-Sunday and covers all the same material as the 5 week series.

With a strong focus on preparing for natural birth, our Lamaze for Labor & Delivery Class is designed to give parents a solid understanding of the natural process of labor and birth. We practice comfort measures such as labor positions, breathing techniques, massage, visualization and affirmations. The benefits and risks of medical procedures are explored using an evidence-based approach. Emphasis is placed not on achieving certain birth outcomes (e.g. a natural birth) but on being an active participant in making your health care decisions and working closely with your health care providers to achieve a safe, healthy birth. This class is excellent preparation for anyone preparing for hospital birth in Hilo, Waimea, or Kona, and for home birth. Both moms and dads can expect to leave the class inspired, fascinated, and excited for their upcoming journey of labor, birth, and parenting. Check out our complete Lamaze List of Topics covered and frequently asked questions.

Boot Camps are very intensive (for you and us!) and are designed to cover a lot of material in a condensed time frame.  Because of this, and the demands on our instructors, at this time the class will only be offered 3-4 times per year.  Class size is limited to 8 couples so please sign up early and be sure to come to class well rested!

Upcoming Schedule of Classes

Lamaze Weekend Boot Camp

HILO Classes

(in downtown Hilo)

Class not currently scheduled.  Call 430-0131 to inquire.

Cost & Registration

Cost for the class, per couple, is $175.   Class can accommodate between 3 and 8 couples.  To register,  click here to fill out the Lamaze Class Registration Form Please also see our Refund Policy.  Feel free to contact us by email or phone 808-936-7532 if you have any questions.

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