Stephanie attended her first birth in 2003, and has been a certified birth doula through DONA International since 2005.  She is a birth doula and attends births at Hilo Medical Center, North Hawai’i Community Hospital and in  homebirth settings around the Big Island.

Stephanie offers a variety of doula packages providing various levels of service.  You may ‘upgrade’ at any time.  If finances are a struggle, please talk to her!  She is glad consider creative offers for doula services.  Prices are as follows and as always, please feel free to contact Stephanie with any questions.

The Minimalist: $400

  1. *1 prenatal phone consult

  2. *5 week on call status

  3. *Doula presence once you arrive at the hospital (for labor, birth and at least 1 hour postpartum)

  4. *Back up doula provided IF one is available.

The Standard: $700

  1. *1 free, no obligation in person consult

  2. *5 week on call status

* Unlimited phone contact

* 2 prenatal visits at your home

*Doula presence at labor, birth and at           least 1 hour postpartum

  1. *1 postpartum visit at your home

  2. *Back up doula available at all times in the event of Stephanie’s unavailability

The “And then some”: $1000

  1. *1 free, no obligation in person consult

  2. *5 week on call status

* 3 prenatal visits at your home

* Doula presence at labor, birth and at least 1 hour postpartum

  1. *3 postpartum visits at your home

  2. *Back up doula available at all times in the event of Stephanie’s unavailability.

  1. *Note: postpartum visits will be at a time and place of your choosing and will be attended by Stephanie and/or the back-up doula at your birth, if applicable.

You can also ‘bundle’ doula services with any other service offered by Balancing Birth (classes, acupuncture and lactation services).  Discounts are   available when booking multiple services. Let’s talk!

For more details on doula services contact Stephanie with any questions or to schedule your free consultation.

What is a doula?

    Click here for a thorough explana-tion from DONA International.

Why work with Stephanie?

  1. she has a wealth of knowledge and resources, and makes it her business to know and develop positive relationships with health care providers (docs, midwives, nurses)

  2. she provides sensitive, individualized care -- she’s a good listener who asks great questions

  3. she is quite clear about supporting you in YOUR wishes (and does not impose her own values)

  4. she believes in you and she trusts birth

  5. she connects you with a larger network of resources, including; Balancing Birth Lamaze classes and lactation support, MamaGroup Acupunctureand groups and events for moms and birthing families

  6. Stephanie and her family are very conscious about how they spend their money, so by hiring her you are keeping your money local, and contributing toward the growth of a woman-owned business

You can contact Stephanie at or by phone 808-430-0131



“You are truly a gifted doula!  Your help enabled us to bring a great joy into our lives and for that, we will be forever thankful.  Can’t wait for your help with baby #2!”  Nick

“You helped make our birth experience exactly what we wanted.  Thank you for being such a big part in bringing our baby into the world”  Christie

“You were able to help my husband know how and when to help me.  With your assistance, I was able to have the delivery I wanted.  I feel empowered to accomplish anything because I was able to do this!”  Hilary

“I don’t want to imagine a birth without a doula!  It is as important to me as all the other prenatal care put together.  I was very frightened at one point and didn’t think I could do it, but you were so calm and sure that I felt lifted up.  Thank you so much!”  Michelle

“It was divine providence that you were our doula.  I could not have imagined how much you added to our experience.  We were able to lean on your breadth of insight and wisdom to accomplish the most pivotal event in our lives.  It was a remarkable experience, one in which you had a direct and meaningful impact.  Thank you for everything!”   Jiorgia

You were worth the money we spent!  We continue to say to each other that you were probably the best investment toward having our son!”  Diana

“ Thank you so much for being our doula!  We appreciate all you did; the time you took to meet with us, traveling to our home, your flexibility and your encouragement.  Thank you for helping us have the birth that we were hoping for.”  Teresa

“I was immediately drawn to Stephanie’s warm smile, contagious laughter and zest for life.  She is a wonderful educator, doula and mentor for women and their families during their journey through pregnancy and childbirth.  She exhibits great faith in the birth process and is very passionate about women’s choices during childbirth.  She is a lovely woman with a gift of true compassion for birthing women and their families”  Sara Farthing, Doula and BFW Mentor

“Throughout my contact with Stephanie she has consistently demonstrated compassionate and knowledgable support for the families she serves.  She demonstrates warmth, empathy, humor, generosity and wisdom and is an asset to the families she serves.  Stephanie consistently demonstrates her lack of bias and unconditional support of birthing women and conducts herself in a professional manner.”  Michelle Kinne ICCE CD(DONA) CLE

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie at The Birthing Inn when she accompanied clients to birth here.  I have found her calm, reassuring manner to be just what parents need.  She has an innate ability to fit into any birth scenario.  She was always the first doula I refered our clients to, is a joy to work with and an asset to each and every birth that she attends”  Palmer Scheutzow Manager, Birthing Inn

“Being accompanied by a experienced doula such as Stephanie, made being in the hospital a much less frightening and bewildering experience.  We recommend her services to anybody!”  Carlos and Julissa

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