Refresher Lamaze class


Our Refresher Lamaze Class is designed especially for experienced parents who already have an older child or children.  Step out of parenting for 3.5 hours and remind yourselves what it means to be a couple!  During this workshop, we will:

  1. review the process of natural labor & childbirth through interactive exercises and discussion;

  2. share our birth stories

  3. practice comfort measures and labor positions;

  4. discuss special issues such as: VBAC, sibling preparation, and coping with back labor;

  5. learn about optimal fetal positioning and how to increase chances for your baby to be in an ideal position for birth; and

  6. set intentions for your upcoming birth experience;

  7. celebratory spa experience provided by your parter with our guidance

Sometimes we don’t have much chance to process birth experiences because the demands of parenting come on hard and strong, and are all-consuming for years to come.  During many first pregnancies, mothers may make time to read about birth and parenting, eat well, exercise, nap, surf, browse the internet, attend childbirth classes, and spend time nurturing themselves and their partners.  It’s likely, however, that in subsequent pregnancies it’s much harder to carve out this time for learning, self-care, and each other.  The little feet pattering around just get all of the attention!

Allow our Refresher Lamaze Class to help guide and prepare you and your partner in setting the stage for the newest member of your family to make their grand entrance. 


$45 per couple


January 11, 2014



Downtown Hilo

Cost & Registration

Cost for the class, per couple, is $45.   Class can accommodate between 3 and 8 couples.  To register,  click here to fill out the Lamaze Class Registration Form Please also see our Refund Policy.  Feel free to contact us by email or phone 808-936-7532 if you have any questions.

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