Aloha! I am a DONA(Doulas of North America) certified birth doula and have attended a wide variety of births helping all different kinds of moms and families.  I, myself, am a wife to Jonathan (17 years strong) and the mother of 2 delightful children, Emma age 15 and Gabriel age 13.   My passion for birth really started after my son was born in 2000.  Finally, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up!  Investing full time into my children was priority one, especially at that age, so I put the birth flame on the back burner until 2003.  I attended my first birth (that wasn’t my own) in that year and became DONA certified in 2005.  I sincerely hope I am still doing this honoring work well into my old age. 

The Big Island has been our home since January, 2012 and we are so glad to be settling in here.   I worked as a doula and childbirth educator in the state of Washington from 2003 til 2012 and had the privlege of learning from and beside some of the most passionate and gifted women in the birth world.  Their investment into my life and calling as a doula has shaped who I am today. 

In my free time, I love to swim, read and let my creative juices flow with cooking, crafts and sewing.  Between that, helping my hubby, doula-ing and driving my kids everywhere, all the time, life is full and joyous.  My faith is the foundation of why I serve my family and yours. 

I look forward to meeting you.  Feel free to contact me by email or phone at 808-430-0131. 

Until then, peace to you and yours.

To whom it may concern,


Although I am very sad about Stephanie Noble's relocation, I am very grateful I had the opportunity to share a doula practice with her and so therefore, without question, am pleased to write this letter recommending one of the most competent, responsible and professional doulas I have had the privilege to work with.


I could always count on Stephanie to be available whenever necessary, no matter what the time of day or night and for the unknown duration of our client's labor.  Regardless of the long hours, sleepless nights and exhaustion that comes along with a doula's role, Stephanie remained energetic, positive, creative, steadfast, caring and nurturing.  The hospital staff and our clients consistently commented on what a pleasure it was to work with Stephanie and how they appreciated her team approach and commitment.


Stephanie has truly found her calling and without a doubt, expectant parents are truly blessed to have Stephanie in their corner.


She will be missed and her absence has left a great void in our doula community.


In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with her, I can unreservedly recommend Stephanie Nobles as a professional doula and childbirth educator.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.



Patti Ramos


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Patti, Stephanie, Katy and Ava

Photo credit: Patti Ramos